Project ID #:187709 – – BBob1990 – My Project 001

Sold By: SlipSeat


Assigned Vendor: 665
Vendor User ID: 665
SlipSeat ID: BBob1990

Project Name: My Project 001
Start: 12/24/2023
End: 12/30/2023
Date Flexible: Both are flexible
Deadlines: Yes, Both
Trucking Type: Regional

Role: Contingency Driver
Un/Loading: Drop & Hook
Product: General Freight
Difficulty: Average

Start: Tampa, FL
Stop: Tampa, FL

Estimated Days: 7
Estimated Stops: 12
Estimated Hours: 60
Estimated Miles: 1,198

Preferred Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Driver Type: Contract Driver
Driver Class:Class A

Overview: Yabba dabba


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