Hi, I’m Will Sitton, founder and CEO of SlipSeat. I started the company because I want to fix the truck driver industry.

Truck drivers are the often overlooked backbone of our economy, and their job is much harder than most people realize. On top of the work being both mentally and physically demanding, the days are long, the pay is short, and it’s hard to find a company to call home. From parking struggles to the hostility of others, being a truck driver is a tough way to make a living. 

We make being a driver better. The “system” is broken. We built a better one.  In ours, drivers are businesses. They set their own rates and manage their own customers. This allows them to enjoy more freedom, power, and control, which translates into more respect, stability, and fair market compensation.

Motor carriers grapple with their own set of challenges as freight shortages, rising driver costs, and competitive pressures threaten to compress already slim margins.

We’re rewriting their story with our B2B marketplace, which promotes fair, transparent, and beneficial connections with drivers while increasing a carrier’s operational speed. 

In short, we save carriers time and money while sparing them pain, workload, and worry.  And we help them move more loads with fewer drivers on payroll, which increases their profit.

If you are a carrier who can’t find available drivers in your area yet, simply complete this form and we’ll email you when new relevant local vendors sign up. It’s a complimentary service.

Our mission is simple.  We want to solve the truck driver shortage, which will fix trucking for 3.6M truck drivers while making the lives of motor carriers easier and more profitable.  

SlipSeat is an ecosystem where drivers and motor carriers can both thrive.  Under the hood, trucking – and truck drivers by extension – are both horribly inefficient.  By rooting out this inefficiency, everyone wins.  The local area driver supply increases while the efficiency gains generate enough savings for drivers to earn more money while carriers increase profits. It’s not magic. It’s math.

We are driving logistics forward.  Please join us (drivers | carriers).  Together, we can do great things.

Drive Smart.  Drive Happy.

Will Sitton
SlipSeat, Inc.

PS  As a company, we focus our efforts on solving local truck driver shortages.  If you are associated with a port, a chamber of commerce, or any similar institution grappling with a shortage of truck drivers, or foresee such a situation post the freight recession, we’d love to hear from you!!