Being a motor carrier is awesome.  Owning one sucks.  SlipSeat makes owning one awesome.

SlipSeat is a new platform that works as an alternative to your driver force.  If you are an asset-based carrier, SlipSeat is designed to increase your profits, reduce your risk, lower your pain and make you more efficient. If you are Intrastate, simply by using us, it’s possible to lower your operating cost enough to double or even triple profit per truck.

Regardless of whether you run local Intrastate or OTR, driver operations is your single largest cost factor, but it is also your largest pain point. From an owner’s standpoint, in technical terms, it pretty much sucks. It’s not the drivers’s fault, but recruiting drivers sucks, screening drivers sucks, compiling DQFs sucks, managing no shows and turnover, fearing accidents, unions, and work comp audits – it all sucks. Autonomous will eventually come, which will fix the issues, but until then, you’re basically holding a big ol’ proverbial bag of suck.

The solution is elegantly simple. Hand the bag to SlipSeat.

Instead of hiring W2 employees to drive your trucks and dealing with all the associated process-induced headaches, buy driving services through our marketplace from experienced drivers who have been pre-qualified by us; they then drive your trucks as independent contractors. The drivers driver; you focus on moving freight; we hold the bag. 

Why Outsource to SlipSeaters?

  • It removes your pain
    • We do the screenings
    • We do the DQFs
  • It lowers your risk
    • Accidents – In the event of an accident…
      • An owner’s liability is highest with an employee
      • It is lowest with a 3rd party contractor
    • Unemployment liability
    • Work comp exposure
  • It improves your cash flow
    • Most carriers pay driver payroll one week in arrears
    • Sourcing drivers through SlipSeat extends that by about a month
      • If you pay by credit card, the credit card company improves your cash flow
      • If you pay via invoicing, SlipSeat improves your cash flow with net terms
  • It lowers the overall cost of operating your truck
    • Save on advertising/recruiting/screening/qualifying drivers
    • Save on benefits paid and sign-on, safety and retention bonuses
    • Save on payroll tax providing you can pass Borello
      • Passing is easy with our framework
    • Save on work comp
      • If you are not in one of the few states that requires work comp for contractors

Pain Points Improved

Recruiting ✔
Screening ✔
DQFs ✔
Hiring ✔
Accidents ✔
Unemployment ✔
Work Comp ✔
Unions ✔
Cash Flow ✔
Cash on Hand ✔
Turnover (select areas)
No shows (future)

Optional: reduce or reallocate redundant staff ✔

Here’s what carriers have to say:

We’ll take every driver you’ve got come October

– Large national carrier

We’ll scour SlipSeat everyday looking for drivers

– Large intermodal carrier

I can have a driver tomorrow? Yes, please!

– Small local carrier