What is SlipSeat?

SlipSeat is a freelance marketplace where carriers buy services from you instead of employing you. Conceptually, we’re like a self-service DOT temp agency, but drivers are 1099 instead of W2. It’s a trade off that has the potential to hurt drivers. To insure that it never would, drivers set their own rates.

What does SlipSeat do?

We’re like high tech hiring hall for drivers. We connect drivers who have available HOS with carriers who need drivers. We do all the pre-employments, provide the selling platform and insure you get paid. You set your own rates and schedule and manage your own customers and HOS. Please note, there is no overtime.

How do I use SlipSeat?

Conceptually, you are transitioning from being an employee to being a seller of driving services. If you think of yourself as a seller, SlipSeat provides your advertising, funnels business to you, handles your billing and collections, and provides factoring for your receivables.

How do I make money with SlipSeat?

Drivers keep between 75% and 90% of each transaction. It varies based on the type of service being provided and the length of the engagement. For example, a contract driver selling 4 hours of service will get 75%, while an owner operator working a month long gig will get 90%. We also have a generous affiliate program for bringing on other vendors.

Contract driver take home percentages

If the gig is an hourly or daily gig, you get 75%
If it’s a weekly gig (min 60 hours), you get 80%
If it’s a monthly gig (min 250 hours), you get 85%

Owner operator take home percentages

These are the breakdowns regardless of whether you’re leased or you have your own Authority
If the gig is an hourly or daily gig, you get 80%
If it’s a weekly gig (min 60 hours), you get 85%
If it’s a monthly gig (min 250 hours), you get 90%

Do I need to quit my day job?

Not if you don’t want to. If you have a great day job, keep it and sell one of your weekend days. If it ever happens that you’re not getting enough hours or want a change, sell more. The choice is entire up to you.

Am I obligated to accept bookings?

No, you are free to accept or decline bookings as you wish for any reason. If you accept the booking, then you are obligated to see it to completion.

How do I get paid?

At the moment, we pay one week in arrears – we’d pay you next Friday for all work completed this week regardless of whether or not the carrier had paid. The easiest way to get paid is through Paypal.

How do I sign up?

Just click here (link). It’ll start the vendor application process which is similar to applying for any other DOT position.

What about DOT?

There are 3 ways to get qualified: 1) you can pay for it, 2) a carrier can pay for it through a sponsorship, 3) we can pay for it upfront but you guarantee to pay us back. After we approve your application, your profile will be live but you will be DOT unqualified until one of those 3 things happens (carriers can find and connect with you but you can’t legally drive). The cost varies based on where you are and what documents you can access on our own, like an MVR.

Doing it this way provides you with the most flexibility and the least amount of risk. You can sign up and have a live profile for free.

Sample owner op transaction

An owner operator works 5 x 12-hour days as part of a monthly gig with a billable hourly rate of $60. Because the work is owner op and part of a monthly gig, the take home rate is 90%. (Note, owner ops can also sell contract driver services if they want to park their trucks.)

SlipSeat bills $3,600 to the carrier for the owner op gig (60 hours X $60/hr)
SlipSeater takes home 90% which comes to $3,240
SlipSeat keeps $360

Sample contract driver transaction

A contract driver works 6 X 10-hour days for 3 different carriers at $35/hr

SlipSeat bills a total of $2,100 to three carriers
SlipSeater takes home 75% of $2,100 ==> $1,575
SlipSeat keeps $525