What does SlipSeat do?

We supply ondemand contract drivers and owner ops to motor carriers for short term projects

Why would I use SlipSeat?

If you needed drivers or if you wanted to save money – the difference is in how you use the system

If you need drivers…

You’ll use SlipSeat as if we were a self service DOT temp agency where you interact directly with the driver instead of a middleman

If you want to save money…

You’ll use us as if we were a self service “restructuring” company to convert internal W2 positions into outsourced 3rd party contractors. Provided you can pass Borello, you won’t need to continue paying payroll tax. Provided you aren’t in one of the few states that requires work comp for contractors, you can save that cost too. Combined, they average about 30% of total payroll cost. If Intrastate, you get an added bonus as overtime rules will no longer apply. And accident liability is less too.

How do the economics work?

SlipSeaters receive a fixed percentage of the total billable amount depending on the type and length of the service provided: SlipSeaters know their percentage in advance and set their own rates. They have the ability to charge whatever amount they want, but our openly competitive marketplace keeps rates low.

Why the economics work exceptionally well if a carrier is looking to save money

SlipSeaters make more the longer an engagement goes. This incentives drivers to choose long term engagements over shorter term ones that they may be offered since they’ll make more. This gives a distinct advantage to carriers who utilize long term gigs and means that carriers can source their drivers through an openly competitive marketplace without worrying about losing capacity to other carriers.

Why the pandemic works exceptionally well to lower cost

An openly competitive marketplace allows rates to adjust to market conditions in real time. That’s a huge advantage to carriers who have seen rates rise over the past 24 months due to the driver shortage. Currently, there’s a pandemic which has disrupted freight volumes and jobs. Depending on your local conditions, your overall cost per mile has the potential to drop significantly.

Contract driver compensation

Contract drivers keep 75% to 85% of each transaction, determined by the length of engagement

Owner Op compensation

Owner Ops keep 80% to 90%, depending on the length of engagement

How do I outsource drivers to you?

Just complete this form (link)

How does SlipSeat make money?

We retain a percentage from what we pay the drivers. It varies from 10% to 25%.

What about DOT?

When a driver signs up, we run a complete DOT check on them using HireRight, including pre employments. Drivers are in charge of managing their own DOT (DQF and HOS) and will provide you with a copy upon arrival. We keep backups DQFs and can provide them to carriers within 24 hours if needed.

Example Transaction

SlipSeater works 56 hours doing local Intrastate work at $30/hr and a 85% take home rate. Note, there’s no overtime even though it’s Intrastate.

  • Carrier pays: $1,680 (56 hours X $30/hr)
  • Driver take home: $1,428 ($1680 X 0.85)
  • SlipSeat gets: $252 ($1680 – $1428)