Project ID: 185368
Project Start: 03/19/2023
Project Length: 1 to 2 days
Budget: $1,200.00 [gvlogic if=”” is=”10″](not including truck lease)[/gvlogic]
Type of Trucking: Local
Type of Product: Livestock
The work involves: Drop & hook
Difficulty Level: Easy
Is the start date flexible: Yes
Any relevant deadlines: None
Approx Hours: 40
Approx Miles: 600
Needed Endorsements:
Days that coverage is needed:
Type of Driver needed:
Project Overview: Delivr stuff

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Vehicle provided by carrier:
Vehicle description:
Start Location:
End Location:
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Type of vehicle:
Equipment needed for the work:
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Length of proposed truck lease (months):
Type of vehicle provided by SlipSeater:
Equipment needed for the work:

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