Driving a truck is awesome.  Being a truck driver sucks.  SlipSeat makes being a truck driver awesome.

SlipSeat is a new platform built for drivers that works as an alternative to traditional employment. It’s designed to maximize your income. 

As a SlipSeater, you still drive for carriers, but instead of being an employee, you sell driving services to them through our marketplace.  This allows carriers to use a different set of employment laws, which saves them money.  This is advantageous to you because, the way we are designed, some of the overall savings goes to you. The amount is determined by your experience, skill set and the market’s supply & demand.

Our goal at SlipSeat is to be the last trucking “job” you will ever have.  We make “being a truck driver” awesome again by turning you into a contractor, empowering you, giving you the tools to succeed, and then getting out of your way. Driving through SlipSeat, you will have more freedom, power, and control than you have ever had, and you will also have the ability to make more money than you ever would otherwise. 

What makes driving for SlipSeat different is our contrarian philosophy – we want you to make as much money as you possibly can. It’s a unique perspective for an “employer” to have. The reason is because we aren’t a traditional trucking employer – we’re a marketplace that makes money by keeping a small percentage of each transaction that vendors (you) make. So unlike traditional employers trying to control costs, we want you to make money so we can make money. It’s a mindset that that makes us very different in everything we do.

SlipSeat is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in trucking.  Conceptually, we’re like a high tech hiring hall where experience and skill set matter more than seniority.  You provide the hard work and determination.  We provide the tools to succeed and a platform that insures a safe, secure, and, most importantly, fair transaction.

Here’s what some SlipSeaters have to say:

This gives me a reason to renew my CDL

– Pete

We get to set our own rates? Payback is a…

– Dennis

Holy buckets! You armed the bunnies!

– Robert

Getting started is simple. Just click the signup link to begin. It will create your vendor account as well as your initial profile. The process takes 5 to 10 minutes and does not require any supporting documents. After you complete your profile, you’ll get an email letting you know whether or not you’ve been approved to sell. At that point, we’ll need an official DOT application so we can get you road ready.

Once you’ve submitted an app, we’ll schedule a phone call via text to answer questions and explain the next steps.

– Happy Driving!