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Where Drivers are Boss!


The Driver Marketplace

This year, instead of working 3,000+ hours and getting paid by the mile, use a spot market (<== that's us) to sell those same 3,000+ hours to multiple carriers at an hourly rate of your own choosing.  With the current high demand for drivers, you'd likely earn far more than you ever could as an employed company driver.

SlipSeat is a freelance marketplace that provides an alternative path for drivers who want to work for themselves.  Whether or not you have a truck, you can sell any or all of your HOS to carriers.

Carriers send you offers for short term gigs lasting less than 30 days. Mix and match gigs, and you've got yourself a full time "job" on steriods, with complete freedom & the ability to finally get paid what you are worth.


About Us

Although it may not be obvious at first, SlipSeat is a creative, economics-based solution to the driver shortage based around one simple truth:

Everyone has a number 

That number may vary significantly by geography, by experience, or even by mood, but every driver has a number at which he or she will drop everything and hop in a truck. 

Since only each driver knows his own number, we created a marketplace where each driver sets his own rate.  

One Simple Goal
Get more Drivers behind the wheel.

One Simple Strategy
Empower Drivers to control their own destiny.

Open Enrollment

We are currently accepting drivers who want to be full-time freelancers as well as those just looking for a side hustle. 

If you have ever wanted to be your own boss, we encourage you to apply.  4th quarter rush is coming!


Have Questions?

We realize that SlipSeat is a little different from anything you may have seen before, especially within trucking.    

If you have a burning question that we haven't answered, feel free to shoot us a quick message.