What is SlipSeat?


SlipSeat is a freelance marketplace where CDL Drivers & Owner Operators independently sell available Hours of Service to Motor Carriers. 

A creative solution to the driver shortage, we entice drivers to give up their personal time, adding valuable driver "resources" to the capacity constrained trucking industry. 

Drivers earn what they want & Carriers deliver more loads.   Everyone wins!


For Drivers

SlipSeat is an opportunity to capitalize on the driver shortage before robots steal your job. You still drive, you just do it for yourself. You may charge whatever rate you want & you are free to turn down any gig request for any reason.  Companies even come to you and solicit your services.

To put it simply, as a SlipSeater, you will have more freedom and control than ever before.  

For Carriers

SlipSeat allows you to deliver more loads than you can now.

If you need a replacement driver because of a no show, hire a driver for a day.

If you need extra drivers to handle increased seasonal volumes, hire multiple drivers for a month.  Then rinse & repeat as needed.

Should you contemplate outsourcing your existing driver pool with SlipSeat, you'll save roughly 10% to 15% of your driver payroll.