An online marketplace is a website that brings together buyers and sellers of a product or service.

eBay, Amazon, Rover, and Airbnb are all examples of online marketplaces where individual sellers can list products and services for sale.  At SlipSeat, that seller is you!

So, just as you can list that awesome Christmas sweater on eBay, you can list your off-days with us.  And just like you can charge anything you want for that sweater, you can charge anything you want for your time.  The rest of the process flow is very similar as well:

  • Carriers see your listing and try to buy book you for a gig
  • You chose whether or not to sell to them
  • Your service is rated by customers
  • Bad reviews hurt, while good ones help
  • We make sure you get paid

With a marketplace, the transaction occurs between the buyer and seller.  The marketplace itself provides the framework, technology and infrastructure that make that transaction possible.