The qualification file for a multiple-employer driver employed under the rules in Section 391.63 must include the following documents and must be retained for 3 years after the person's employment by the motor carrier ceases.
  • 1. Medical Examiner's Certificate - The medical examiner's certificate of his or her physical qualification to drive a motor vehicle or a legible photocopy of the certificate pursuant to Section 391.43.
  • 2. Certificate of Driver's Road Test - The certificate of driver's road test issued to the driver pursuant to Section 391.31(e), or a copy of the CDL license or certificate which the motor carrier accepted as equivalent to the driver's road test pursuant to Section 391.33.
  • 3. Identification Information - Before allowing him or her to drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), the motor carrier must obtain the driver's name and Social Security number, and the identification number, type, and issuing state of his or her CMV operator's license.

    A motor carrier must ensure that a multiple-employer driver is currently participating in a drug and alcohol testing program as required by Part 382 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, including the following.
  • - The driver has been given a pre-employment drug test OR the records listed in Section 382.301(c) have been obtained. These records must be re-obtained at least every 6 months for any driver used more than once per year.
  • - The driver is enrolled in our drug and alcohol testing program.
  • Information regarding individual results of alcohol and controlled substance testing must be maintained in a secure location with controlled access.
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