Drivers & Owner Operators

SlipSeat is your opportunity to capitalize on high driver demand.  You still drive, you just do it for yourself, calling all the shots and charging whatever hourly rate you desire.

Make money driving when you have available HOS.

Make money recruiting & managing other drivers.  Over time, potentially, a lot.

Whether you work a little or a lot, you can earn more money with SlipSeat than you can now.  Plus, you'll enjoy complete freedom while doing it!

* Minimum experience:

With a referral - 2 years
Without a referral - 5 years


Our internal messaging system keeps your information private while still allowing companies to contact you for more info.


Carriers submit booking requests directly to you.  Simply accept the gigs you want to do.


Go do that voodoo that you do so well! 


Drivers get to rate companies and vice versa.  Everything is transparent.  

Get Paid

Regardless of whether you get paid by SlipSeat or a customer, you'll get paid within a week.

Rinse & Repeat

When gigs end, both parties can agree to renew or walk away.  No gig may last more than 30 days, but gigs may be renewed indefinitely.