Drive. Earn. Enjoy.

There's more to life than driving. Get paid what you are worth and enjoy it.

SlipSeat is a freelance marketplace where truck drivers and owner operators sell driving services to motor carriers.  As sellers, SlipSeaters call all the shots, including their rates.

Drive on your terms.  How you want.  Where you want.  When you want.  And do it all at an hourly rate you set.

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Why SlipSeat?  Because life is better in person.

Take control. Earn what you are worth. Have a life.

We’ve built a better world for truck drivers.  It’s a better way to drive.  Here's what drivers think:

"This gives me a reason to renew my CDL"

"We get to set our own rates? Payback is a…"

"[Wow], you armed the bunnies!"

Come see for yourself:

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