We want you to make enough money so that you can actually retire someday

SlipSeat supplies ondemand truck drivers and owner ops to motor carriers.  We’re kind of like an Uber for truck drivers where you drive customers' trucks or your own if you’re an owner op.  But with SlipSeat, you set your own rates. And all rates are hourly. And you get paid for all onduty time.

Here's what drivers think of us:

"This gives me a reason to renew my CDL"

"We get to set our own rates? Payback is a b**ch…"

"Holy f***ing s**t, you armed the bunnies!"

We’re building a better world for drivers.  It’s a better way to drive.

Come see for yourself:  https://www.slipseat.com/

Or better yet, come join the Revolution: https://www.slipseat.com/profile-manager/